4 sustainable marketing solutions to motivate you to implement it in your company

Sustainable marketing has proven benefits for companies that implement it.

Among these benefits are improving relations with its stakeholders, improving the company's image in the market and allowing it to reach increasingly specialized audiences, but with a great sense of permanence with the brand.

Here are some sustainable marketing solutions that can inspire ideas in your company and motivate you and you can also experience the benefits of this type of marketing.


Coca-Cola – sustainable practices aiming for the right bin

It is no secret to anyone that the Coca-Cola company is recognized for its great ability to carry out creative marketing.

Their marketing strategies range from small details of personalization in their products to large and elaborate television commercials.

In the context of sustainable marketing, the company launched a sustainability campaign from which we can learn some lessons.

This sustainable marketing solution is really creative.

In this case, it launched a campaign with recycling posters in order to encourage its users to think about the state of the environment.

Coca-Cola used fun recycling signs in which its brand identity and characteristic touch are undoubtedly present.

Source: intriper.com

To carry out the campaign, Coca-Cola conducted research on consumer behavior which identified whether the trash cans and recycling bins are well marked, waste separation is improved by 141%.

Definitely, with this type of sustainable marketing solutions, the company can carry out excellent marketing, reinforce the values of its brand, continue generating remembrance in its consumers and associate itself with sustainable values that ultimately increase the value of its brand and sustain growth in sales. sales.


Taco Bell Canada – giving away food in exchange for old clothes is a fantastic idea

Pollution in fashion is a problem that until now has few solutions.

Aspects of materials, production models and other polluting elements are frequently used in this sector, which makes the problem difficult to solve.

In the wake of this, Canada's Taco Bell company is helping to combat fashion pollution by offering its patrons free tacos.

The fast food chain launched a sustainable marketing solution called 'Layers for Layers' that offers consumers free double layer tacos in exchange for their old clothes.

Source: cnn.com

This excellent sustainable marketing campaign has several elements to highlight.

On the one hand, the company retains its audience by showing a philanthropic side beyond economic gains, since it offers free food and at the same time the donated clothes are distributed to local charities, thus showing great empathy towards the less favored of the society.

With this sustainable marketing solution, the company increases profits exponentially while delivering value and retaining its market.


KFC – meal receipts on recycled paper and eco-friendly ink

Understanding that paper waste is a real problem in many businesses, KFC wanted to creatively address it through a sustainable marketing campaign that is worth exploring.

The sustainable marketing solution is to print receipts and other paper items that are handed out during the meal on recycled paper.

So instead of giving customers a napkin and printed food receipt with their order, KFC generates receipts that can be used as napkins using special paper and ink.

Source: trendhunter.com

The sustainable marketing solution called “Napkinized” allows you to turn your menus, posters, flyers and cash receipts into special ink-resistant napkins.

For this, the company has used a customized UV printer with a biodegradable and ecological ink formula.

This way the napkin receipts can be safely used by people who want to clean up after a meal of fried chicken.

In conjunction with the waste reduction solution, KFC included complete menus, meal bags, placemats, banners and brochures made from the same material, highlighting applications in differentiated shapes and sizes.

This sustainable marketing solution enabled the company to achieve a sustainable goal while strengthening the relationship with its customers by pursuing sustainability goals.


Lacoste – exchanging the famous crocodile with endangered animals

It is known to almost anyone that we currently have many animals in danger of extinction in the world.

The Lacoste company wanted to give this problem a little more visibility and did so using its logo, which by the way is quite striking.

In the sustainable marketing solution, they redesigned the characteristic logo of the crocodile for that of various animals in danger of extinction.

The t-shirts designed were limited edition, with which the company wanted to send the message: "There are not many t-shirts available, just as there are not many of these animals left".

The number of t-shirts designed corresponded to the number remaining of each species included in the campaign.

In short, this is one of the sustainable marketing solutions that have impressed me the most.

This strategy is quite powerful and one that is worth highlighting for its originality, message and results.

Finally, the proceeds from the campaign were donated to a non-profit organization called IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

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