Plusplanet Training

Courses and workshops to increase the sales of your sustainable solutions

Do you know the concepts and tools necessary to grow your impact business?

Plusplanet Courses

Find the best training process for you


Sustainable marketing strategies to increase your sales

Sustainable marketing strategies, tips and advice to increase your sales taking advantage of sustainability

Find the best sustainability courses

Become the sustainable expert that your company and the planet need.

Advantages Plusplanet

Advantages of Plusplanet formations

constant accompaniment

You will have a group of expert consultants from start to finish to guarantee the results.

Services at your fingertips

Our services are cheap and we can even finance them. Money is not the problem.

We rely on technology

We use multiple technologies to make it easier for your business to grow.

Experience at your fingertips

Our consultants have participated in sales of more than 30 million euros.

Plus-Planet selects startups with an impact to include them in its launch program.


Plus Planet exists to help grow and multiply the impact of these organizations. 

The best Events of the Sustainable Economy.


Masterclass Grow in Sales and Multiply your Social Impact.


Sales of sustainable solutions are extremely demanding so they need a more effective process and better preparation.

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