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Accelerating sustainability

Your sustainable products or services must take over the market.

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No matter what your contribution* with the following services you will multiply your impact.

*Food security, poverty reduction, circular economy, alternative energies, climate change or sustainable mobility.

Business development
We make business simple

Accompaniment in business development with a focus on sustainability.

The experienced consultants of Plus Planet will help you in the execution of your commercial process.

You're not alone.

We execute key activities to multiply your impact.

That the lack of money does not impede your impact
The financial solution cheaper than a loan

Do you have working capital problems but also bills receivable?

Factoring with a rate based on your sustainable impact.




Do you have a sustainable solution?

Publish your sustainability products and services totally free on our Marketplace.

sustainable marketplace

If your sustainable solution generates a real positive impact on sustainability, you can have your space here.

Below you will see an example of some solutions already published and that do not have to pay a sales commission, you can also be part of this marketplace.


Bioclimatic Design Workshop

Have the necessary knowledge so that your architectural designs contemplate a bioclimatic that makes a difference in the market and really takes care of the planet.
From $3,960

Sustainability report – Communicate your impacts

Have a tool to let your customers, suppliers and the community in general know about your commitment to sustainable development.
Define USD

Rehabilitation of buildings to save water and energy

Do you have a building that was not designed to save water or energy as required by the planet or your pocket? With this consultancy you will know how you should reform your building to be more sustainable.

Labor inclusion program for people with disabilities

Change the lives of people who use wheelchairs by making them your collaborators with our electric wheelchairs, which allow people to stand up. They will be extremely efficient and you will be able to deduct from your income tax up to 200% what you invest in them. According to laws 361 of 1997 and 1429 of 2010.

Sustainable Business Laboratory

Having the right audience in the creation and validation of future business is key to your success. We put at your disposal our community of people and companies that are pioneers in terms of sustainability.
Free virtual course
Improve your business strategy

Check the concepts of strategy and commercial execution to increase your sales

Map your attributes, those of your competition and understand how your customers value them to communicate with impact and sell more.

If your sustainable solution is not on the market, it will not change the world. We recommend you start by strengthening your business strategy.

Learn about sustainable marketing and business development

Request the knowledge you really need to grow your business.

Find courses and workshops on demand so that you become an expert in the sale of sustainable solutions.

Listen to a preview of the free course.

Are you looking for investment to multiply your impact?

If you fit into any of the investment theses we have, we will introduce you to the investor.

The important thing is to demonstrate the positive impact you have on sustainability and that you do it profitably.

mujer sosteniendo un celular sostenible

Advantages Plusplanet

Advantages of working with us

constant accompaniment

You will have a group of expert consultants from start to finish to guarantee the results.

Services at your fingertips

Our services are cheap and we can even finance them. Money is not the problem.

We rely on technology

We use multiple technologies to make it easier for your business to grow.

Experience at your fingertips

Our consultants have participated in sales of more than 30 million euros.

Do you have questions? We answer them all

When purchasing the service, we will send an email to the address you have provided with the step by step to get started. The mail arrives immediately after payment approval.

Through the secure platform epayco.com, the payment methods we have are: American Express, Diners Club, Visa or MasterCard credit card.

Yes. You will be given the corresponding invoice with the legal tax requirements.

The published price corresponds to the final price, on which a discount has been applied. 

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The best Events of the Sustainable Economy.


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Sales of sustainable solutions are extremely demanding so they need a more effective process and better preparation.

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