13 áreas de oportunidad en sostenibilidad en el mercado de consumo masivo

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Generates strategies, products and processes around trends in sustainability in the mass consumption sector

Identify the trends that will become your organization's sustainability projects for the coming years.

"93% of consumers expect the brands they buy from to support social and environmental issues." (Retail Industry Leader Association, 2016)

Sustainability has become one of the most important management elements for organizations today.

At present, consumers seek to identify themselves with the values of the brands they buy, in order to align with social and environmental purposes, beyond the price or quality of the product.

The mass consumption sector has a high degree of impact on sustainability processes in the world, since the generation of products has a great impact on the environment.

Pese a lo anterior pocas empresas aprovechan el gran potencial que ofrecen las acciones sostenibles o se conforman con realizar lo mínimo ofrecido por la lejislación.

If you want to identify the key trends in sustainability that you may be missing in order to take advantage of them strategically in your company, read on.

This surveillance report is for you if...

It is possible that you are missing the great opportunities that sustainability offers in the mass consumption sector.

This report serves as a guide for decision makers in the identification of market, social and regulatory forces, which are enabling and will enable in the coming years, areas of opportunity for innovation in products, processes and business models for the transformation of the sector towards a more sustainable approach.

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Leaders of innovation and R&D areas

Leaders and managers of R&D, innovation and/or sustainability areas of industries associated with the mass consumption sector.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen

It can be used by entrepreneurs and businessmen from industries associated with the mass consumption sector.

Organizational sustainability managers

Managers of public or private organizations that support sustainability management in the sector.

"81% of consumers plan to buy more green products in the next five years."

The figure above is just one of many you'll find in the sustainability trends report.

The information contained in this report is of proven quality and its application can mean the development of new businesses, cost optimization or reputation improvement for the company.

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Trends in sustainability in the mass consumption sector

This report will allow you to have elements and insights that allow you to make informed decisions to generate strategies, products and processes using the main trends and areas of opportunity around sustainability.

What does the report contain?

More than 40 pages of analysis from the review of global trend reports generated by renowned consulting firms such as Euromonitor International, Boston Consulting Group, PWC, Delphi Group, SustainAbility, UKGBC, etc.

Opt for all of the following content on sustainability trends...

Impacted Sustainability Goals (SDGs)

Some sources consulted:

This surveillance report can really have a major impact on your organization's sustainability strategy. Get ahead of what's coming and generate sustainable impact.
Louis William Ocampo
Plus Planet

Mass consumption industries addressed

The study focuses on the following mass consumption industries:

Food and drinks

Textile and clothing

shoe manufacturing

paper products

Home appliances

cosmetics and beauty

Retail trade

Grooming and personal care

Furniture and household items

Pet sitting

toy store development

The megatrends analyzed

Environmental care

We must address this trend soon as we have 10 years to halve global emissions

Sustainable consumption

The New Consumers are more aware. empowered and highly knowledgeable about products

Circular value chains

In this model, the aim is to minimize or eliminate waste, share, reuse, repair or recycle

purposeful brands

Investments in sustainability should promote a corporate image with socio-environmental responsibility

The ally behind the magic

10X Thinking

The report was carried out by 10X Thinking, a company specialized in technological innovation, development and surveillance.

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We believe that the Sustainability Trends Report can transform the way you view sustainability going forward and we are beyond excited to make it available to you.

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Generates strategies, products and processes around trends in sustainability in the mass consumption sector

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